10 Best Lightweight Rifles for Mountain Hunting

When you are looking to buy a mountain hunting rifle, it has to overcome three obstacles with ease.

Number one. It has to be durable enough to weather any storm. Whether it be dust, dirt, snow, rain, or hail, the rifle has to hold up to the elements like the mighty Thor himself.

Number two. It needs to be accurate and powerful enough to drop big games from a distance. This means tight tolerances and perfect barrels are required. This ties in to number three.

It needs to be lightweight. A mountain hunting rifle needs to be so light that you don’t even know you are carrying it on your back. 7 or 8 pounds can quickly turn into 50 if you have been hiking through treacherous terrain for hours. The rifle needs to be light enough that you can still aim when you eventually come across your prey. It also needs to be able to handle recoil, so if it’s too light, expect some sway and a greater snap from recoil.

The guns in this video have been selected because they gracefully overcome these obstacles, and some exceed these expectations.
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