10mm is a Terrible Choice for Self Defense?!

Some people see the 10mm as the best or at least one of the best rounds when it comes to self-defense. Looking at the face of it, they might have two things going for it.
First, the caliber is rather big. Bigger holes are better as they cause more damage, more bleeding, and just bring the target to drop a lot faster, so the theory.

Second, it comes with a real punch. This means, there is a lot of energy in these bullets that, if properly transferred, translates into some serious damage. Also, even with expanding projectiles, there will be enough penetration to reach all vital organs. Again, so is the theory.

As always, there is a flip side. You will never get all and only good things in one package, and the 10 mm is no exception to that rule. Going deeper into the practice, you might find that this caliber is actually a really bad choice for self-defense.

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