5 Best Do It All Shotguns – 2022 Complete List

You want one shotgun with which you can do it all instead having one for shooting clays and another one for hunting birds? This wish can be fulfilled, but you will have to choose carefully. It is possible to get a target gun that you can use for hunting or a hunting gun that you can use for targets.

However, if you want to do this right, you need to understand the differences between both kinds of shooting. To make it easier for you, if one of the two is your main interest, buy a gun exactly for that and use it for the other one.

So, if you mostly shoot clays, get a gun for that and hunt with it if needed. If you mainly go hunting, use this gun for shooting clays. That is simple and straightforward. If it is both you are aiming for as your main interest, that becomes a little bit more challenging.

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