Best Burris Sights For 3 Gun Competition

If you’re looking to get into 3 Gun competition one of your first questions is probably going to be what optics/sights you should be getting for your guns. Long time Burris shooter and living 3 Gun legend Patrick Kelley walks you through the Burris Optics he uses to compete and win 3 Gun Competitions.

He starts off by talking to you about limited class restrictions which limit you to 1x optics like the AR-1X, RT-1, and the FastFire models including the FastFire 3 and FastFire 4. (We have some models of sights that have 2 MOA dots however the FastFire 4 has a 3 MOA dot as the image states.)

Next he talks about optics for the open class such as the LPVO (low power variable optic) RT-6 which is a 1-6x variable optic. He talks about pairing the RT-6 with a FastFire red dot to give you greater flexibility in your target engagement. He also talks about the RT-3 for the tactical division which is a simple, light, fast, and effective optic for moving and engaging quickly.

Finally, Patrick talks about the FastFire RD (rifle dot) which is a great option for pistol caliber carbines which is a great budget optic to match this type of weapon.

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Burris Optics, based in Greeley, Colorado, has been an optics innovation leader for nearly 50 years. The company produced its first optics in 1972 and was the originator of the ballistic plex design employed by every hunting optics manufacturer since. Every optic produced by Burris is designed, engineered, and tested in our Greeley, CO facility.

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