Why the FastFire 4 is the Ultimate Red Dot

Long time Burris shooter and living 3 Gun legend Patrick Kelley talks about the advantages of the FastFire 4 for 3 Gun competition.

– Toggle between four different reticle options
– Larger sight window for faster target acquisition
– Longer battery life – up to 50k hours on medium brightness
– Brighter aiming point
– Optional screw-on weather shield for a completely enclosed sight
– Auto-Brightness & Auto-shutoff after 8 hours
– Lightweight at 1.6 oz

Patrick also discusses the mount used to elevate the FastFire he has mounted called the AR-F4.

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Burris Optics, based in Greeley, Colorado, has been an optics innovation leader for nearly 50 years. The company produced its first optics in 1972 and was the originator of the ballistic plex design employed by every hunting optics manufacturer since. Every optic produced by Burris is designed, engineered, and tested in our Greeley, CO facility.

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